Italian restaurant in Miami

The love for the popular tradition of Central Italy, moreover, is also reflected in the choice of the name. The Baiocco, best italian restaurants in Miami, in fact, was an ancient silver coin that remained so dear to the Roman popular culture that it was used in the jargon until the 1960s, to indicate the wealth in the abstract or to express the price of a product or a professional service. Osteria Baiocco awaits you in the sunny and lively Miami, on the famous Biscayne Boulevard, at the level of the eclectic and creative MiMo district.

A new goal, a new stage, a new home, but always with the welcome, the smile and the good flavors that have made Davide Ranucci and its restaurants so famous and loved, in Italy and in the world. Italian restaurant in Miami, trattorias, bars, ice cream parlors, cafes, pizzerias, pastry shops, wine bars. For a breakfast, a lunch, a snack or a dinner, there are all Florida addresses for gourmands and connoisseurs. The new Italian restaurant in Miami, the luxury Italian restaurants in Miami Beach, the cheap Italian restaurants.

It’s an Italian restaurant in Miami, with a few tables inside and on the sidewalk, the kitchen is in sight. On the menu, where you can also find some appetizer, salad, panini, polenta, grilled salmon, the pasta is the main ingredient in all its succulent declinations. It starts by deciding the type: spaghetti, macaroni, fettuccine, gnocchi, tortellini, lasagna etc (all strictly homemade); then we move to the choice of sauce: tomato and basil, angry, pesto, carbonara, butter and sage to mention the most traditional; and finally the size: small (about 80 gr), regular (about 105), large (150).

Prices vary depending on the combination of type of pasta, condiment and portion, for example a small portion of fusilli with tomato and basil costs 6.99 dollars while cannelloni bolognese regular 12.99.